Prime Demolition Seattle Services

We have worked hard to acquire the necessary knowledge to offer you an excellent service. We offer you our experience and hope to meet and exceed all your expectations, as we understand the importance of hiring the best demolition service in all of Seattle. If you have a project in mind, we can help you with a variety of options.

Our featured services are as follows:

Residential Demolition

Living in the suburbs can be a little suffocating, especially when making home modifications. We can help you partially or totally demolish a building without affecting the neighbors.

Commercial Demolition

work can't stop, and since time is money we want to offer you a variety of options perfect for demolishing all types of construction, no matter how many floors. We comply with all safety regulations, and finish our projects in the estimated time.

Pool Removal

when there is no longer a way to repair a fault, or you feel you could make better use of the space, it is time to completely remove the pool and give the space a new lease on life.

Concrete Removal

looking for a good service from Concrete Removal Seattle means hiring the best, and we have mastered the best demolition techniques to remove any remaining concrete efficiently.

Land Levelling

after a good demolition job, it is necessary to leave the ground ready to start working immediately, and we have the necessary machinery to make the job in the best way. After finishing this project you can start building what you have in mind.

All this and more will be available through the phone number 425-333-3787, so you can clear up all your doubts and understand what you get when you hire Prime Demolition in Seattle. We have done every job with the necessary attention to know that in every contract closed we have an excellent reference. Our work is impeccable, and we want to help you in your new project. We are waiting for your call so we can start working on everything that is needed to demolish everything you have in mind, in a controlled and safe way.