Residential Demolition

There are a lot of reasons why you might decide to tear down a part of your home. You may have decided to make the repairs you’ve been thinking about for so long, or you may have decided it’s time to start over, so you want to remove the entire main structure. Whatever the reason for your partial or total demolition, we know how to help you. Home or House Demolition Seattle (WA) or (Washington) can help you to do this and more, without compromising the safety of your family or affecting any section of the building you wish to keep intact.

We offer several demolition techniques for you

There are a wide variety of options for carrying out effective controlled demolition within a residential area, so that you do not affect your neighbors in any way, and that you receive the work you have requested. If you are looking to remove only a section of your house, such as a fence or wall, it is possible to use force with the appropriate machinery so that the work is done quickly and efficiently, without having to compromise any other section of the home.

On the other hand, if you are looking to eliminate the construction, your best option is the wrecking ball, which will remove any part of the house completely. It’s not just a matter of choosing the right demolition techniques, but finding the right people to do the job quickly and without collateral damage. It is not about exerting brute force without a work route, as this would only leave more problems than solutions. It is not advisable to leave things to chance, so each technique is aimed at doing a specific job.

Don't worry about the rubble

This is a complete job that takes care of removing all the debris from the demolition, so you can start working immediately on your new project. Seattle Demolition knows exactly how to handle the permits needed to get the job done, removing the debris quickly and efficiently. You can contact us at any time to request a quote based on what you need by calling 425-333-3787, where all your questions will be answered. If you have already established a plan to follow, it is time to get to work with qualified personnel for the job. Eliminate everything you don’t like about your property and begin to carry out your new project.

We have extensive experience in demolition projects of all kinds, so we can carry out a completely efficient project. Not just anyone can knock down a house without further complications as it takes enough knowledge about structures to avoid major accidents and disasters. We have worked on this for years and now we put all our knowledge at your disposal, with the firm intention of offering you the service you need. In the same way, we put at your disposal the great variety of services that we offer, since we can help you in more than one way. Do not hesitate and make the call you need.