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Demolition is our playing field with over 20+ years experience we know how to demo, no job is too big or too small for Prime Demolition Seattle, the best demolition company in Seattle Washington. We are licensed &Bonded in Seattle Washington and take those extra steps to get our permits with the City of Seattle

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In Seattle, you will find the best demolition company available to fulfill all the projects you have in mind. To make the right decision you need to consider all the options, and in our team, you will only find good reasons. We are a group dedicated to working hard and perfecting techniques that allow us to do our job in the best way because you deserve the best. Demolition In Seattle WA requires a set of skills that will allow the team to work quickly and efficiently, so you can start your new project as soon as you decide. Whether you’re looking for partial or full demolition, we can help you get there.

We offer all major demolition services to meet all your needs on a residential and commercial level, understanding that each has its own needs and specifications. We have the perfect machinery for each situation, as well as the necessary expertise to use those machines in the best way. It’s not just about the machinery, because whoever operates it is in charge of completing each project. This is not a job that can be taken lightly, as any mistake could be fatal. Our team has proven itself in every situation, and that is why we offer to help you.

We accept projects large and small

We don’t care if you want to remove the fence from your home or if you want to knock down an 18-story building in or around Seattle Washington, as our main intention is to meet your expectations and help you with the project you have in mind. Both big projects and small situations are equally important to us, and we have prepared ourselves to attend to both equally. Likewise, we can work according to your instructions as long as they are safe.

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Quality Services

Prime Demolition Seattle strives to be the best demolition company in Seattle. With the best prices and free quotes with quality work we give our customers the best demo service possible.We know how frustrating it can be to have in the back of your head if we are going to the project right and thats why our services and customer service is Top Notch!

Residential Demolition

Residential Demolition - Living in the suburbs can be a little suffocating, especially when making home modifications. We can help you partially or totally demolish a building without affecting the neighbors.

Commercial Demolition

work can't stop, and since time is money we want to offer you a variety of options perfect for demolishing all types of construction, no matter how many floors. We comply with all safety regulations, and finish our projects in the estimated time.

Pool Removal

when there is no longer a way to repair a fault, or you feel you could make better use of the space, it is time to completely remove the pool and give the space a new lease on life.

Concrete Removal

looking for a good service from Concrete Removal Seattle means hiring the best, and we have mastered the best demolition techniques to remove any remaining concrete efficiently.

Land Levelling

after a good demolition job, it is necessary to leave the ground ready to start working immediately, and we have the necessary machinery to make the job in the best way. After finishing this project you can start building what you have in mind.

We understand that there are many reasons to hire a demolition service and we will list the most common ones:

    • You want to do a little remodeling. If you’ve decided to start making certain repairs to your home and want to do a partial demolition, we can help you remove only what’s in the way, so you can work comfortably.
      • You have bought an old house and want to build it from scratch. If you have received an excellent opportunity to acquire a piece of land in a good area at an excellent price but have a house that will not serve you at all, we can eliminate it from the foundation and pretend that it never existed, so that you can build on it whatever you can think of.


    • You need to demolish a whole building. This can be a stressful situation as you cannot trust any company, but with Commercial Demolition Seattle you will have everything under control in a very short time, so you can start your new project as soon as possible. We meet our estimated dates.
      • You’re in the way. There are many reasons to build a pool, but there are also many reasons to look for the Pool Removal Seattle WA, either because it is irreparable or because you have decided to make better use of the space, we can help you with various partial or total refill techniques. No one will know what was there.


    • Finally, you have to leave everything in order. Land Leveling Seattle (WA) or (Washington) allows you to make proper use of the newly available land space by returning the flatness to the area. We will get the area ready for work, as your projects should be completed as soon as possible.

Whatever the reason for your decision to hire our services, we can tell you with certainty that we will do our best to meet your expectations. You can send your new project to to receive complete advice on the best way to demolish what is in your way. We have developed several techniques that apply the force in the most appropriate way to achieve the best results. We can take care of any project as long as we can make a complete evaluation, this way we will choose the best way to go.

We want you to be completely sure of every decision you are going to make, so we make available the number 425-333-3787  so that you can clear up all your doubts and find out which is the best route to carry out your project. Prime Demolition in Seattle knows exactly which is the best way to go, and will make you an excellent offer every step of the way. We offer several services because we want to be part of every important moment, from the moment you decide to knock down the first wall. Concrete is not a strong enough enemy for us, so we take care of it with the best techniques, and then we effectively take care of the removal of the debris, to leave you the way free for the new project. This is your best moment, start working on your project now.

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